Being prepared for the unthinkable is the most important factor in bringing a lost pet home.  We strongly encourage ALL pets be microchipped.  This is the most reliable and effective means of reuniting lost pets with their owners.  Contact your veterinarian to get your pet microchipped.  Always ensure your contact information is up to date – if you move or change phone numbers, you should contact the company to update your information.

If you have lost a pet, there are many things you can do to help bring them back home.

  1. Contact all local animal controls to check if they have picked up your pet, and to create a Lost Pet report.

Lincoln County Humane Society – (905) 682-0767

Welland and District Humane Society – (905) 735-1552

Niagara Falls Humane Society – (905) 356-4404

Hamilton Animal Services – (905) 574-3433

  1. Create a free Lost Pet report on Helping Lost Pets.  This is a national registry of lost and found animals, and many of the local animal controls are beginning to use this service to post found animals.  Please note, the website may request you download a Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in.  This is a free download, and is required to use the Helping Lost Pets service properly.  Helping Lost Pets also has a mobile app for your Android smartphone.  You will also be able to search Found Pet reports.
  2. If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company and verify that they have the correct contact information.
  3. Place Lost Posters with a picture of your animal throughout your neighbourhood.  Helping Homeless Pets has a template flyer that you can use for free.
  4. Post free ads on other online classifieds such as Kijiji and Craigslist.  Check if your local newspaper has online classifieds as well.
  5. Check the Found pet section of local newspapers and online listings.
  6. Pet Rescue has compiled a highly informative document on finding lost animals.  We strongly suggest you read over it, as it has many useful recommendations.  The document can be downloaded here. For example, they suggest placing strongly scented items outside your home to attract your pet – food, bedding, and toys.  Dogs and cats find their way home by scent just as much as sight.
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