As a Board we believe that it is a worthy endeavour to try and forge a community of volunteers, foster care providers, rescue groups, and local businesses which, together, can implement the programs and services that have proved successful at ending shelter killing in communities that simply gave it a try.

Dr. Davis is a professor of marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University. He has over 20 years of experience researching, advising and consulting with organizations across the full spectrum of the economy including dozens of non-profit organizations. Dr. Davis became the founding Chair of the only university program in Brand Communication and Management in Canada after spearheading a successful $2 million fundraising campaign to develop the program.
Joanne Lowe has worked in the financial arena since 1992, previously as a senior financial analyst and financial writer. Her passion for helping dogs started one day when she came across a Facebook post of a little dog in need. Upon following that post, leading to so many others, she realized that there are literally thousands of perfectly adoptable, wonderful dogs being killed EVERYDAY!  She started her very own dog rescue in 2013 and is thrilled to now be partnering with Pets Alive. She is honoured to join the BOD of such a wonderful organization.
Allen Tait is Director, Forensic Investigation Team, Ontario Internal Audit Division.  As a long time cat owner, volunteering with Pets Alive Niagara helps maintain a work/life balance.
Chelsey Sneath is an Interactive Project Manager at a GTA based design agency. A former long time foster parent herself (with many foster fails turned adoptions) she now runs the Pets Alive Niagara foster program. Her and her husband are proud rescue parents to 6 kitties and feed all of their neighbourhood strays 🙂 Chelsey is very excited about being involved with PAN and looking forward to future growth and continuing to help rescue more cats and kittens in St. Catharines.
Megan Pasche is a writer and editor at a Niagara based publishing company. In addition to several years experience writing for various types of media, she has also been involved in animal rescue and welfare for over ten years now. She loves animals, especially her own two rescue cats, Murphy and Evan. She is very excited about being involved in Pets Alive Niagara, and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow.
Ashley Briggs-Jude has been a Corporate Travel Advisor with a national travel agency for eight years. She has volunteered at numerous animal welfare organizations and has started fostering and loves it. Ashley enjoys coordinating and volunteering at Pets Alive Niagara fundraisers and community events.
Currently serving as a creative director for a multi-media company, Tina's extreme passion for all things media-related has enabled her to enjoy a multi-faceted career that encompasses but isn't limited to journalism, graphic design, pubic relations and marketing. Tina has found volunteering for Pets Alive to be a great outlet to help keep her high levels of animal love in check 🙂
Whitney Crumback is a certified bookkeeper working out of the GTA. Her and her boyfriend have an English Bulldog and a Greyhound who both count them as their second family and forever home. Whitney is very passionate about animal rescue and endeavors to dispel the negative stereotypes that shelter animals have issues or are damaged pets.
Patti Gaye Welch M.S.W. R.S.W. is a counselor for students at Niagara College, a Program Leader at Wellspring Niagara, and has her own private counselling business for people and their companion animals. Her experience includes 35 years of work in animal welfare and she is a founding member of Niagara Action for Animals and a member of The Animal Assistance Society and C.A.A.N. Her home ( and couch) is shared with 6 rescued cats. She brings her passion and expertise in all things feline to PETS ALIVE NIAGARA and hopes to assist all kitty friends in finding and keeping a forever home.
Cathie Marderosian is a Paralegal in the Niagara Region. Her and her boyfriend have three dogs, and one cat. They recently became foster failures to one of Pets Alive Niagara very own dogs! Cathie is very  heartfelt about animal rescue and aspires to act as a voice to the voiceless.
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